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Incredimail 2 Gold Patch




Incredimail Gold Gallery is a freeware program designed to help the user see and modify the e-mails in their inbox. Incredimail Gold Gallery Features 1) Easy to use Incredimail Gold Gallery includes quickstart and tutorials. 2) Features a self-explanatory interface 3) Modify e-mails on the go 4) View any view of the e-mails in your inbox as per your liking, i.e. 5) Store as many sets of e-mails as you want 6) E-mail management 7) Add, delete or modify e-mail. 8) View e-mails in the listed order of recency, date, sender, keywords, e-mails count, tags, last visit etc. 9) Not just an e-mail management utility, it’s a tool that allows you to view, modify and organize your collection of e-mails. 10) Easily add/delete/modify e-mails 11) Edit e-mails with ease 12) Manage your e-mail in ways you can think of 13) e-mail access password can be saved 14) Change e-mail details like address, CC, BCC, subject, key terms etc. 15) Change e-mail sorting 16) Search e-mail with multiple keywords 17) Create, delete or modify e-mails using a wizard 18) Use context menu commands to open or create a new e-mail 19) Use context menu commands to delete an e-mail 20) Use context menu commands to rename an e-mail 21) Use the e-mail address book to enter new e-mails 22) Use the e-mail address book to remove e-mails 23) Add new labels to e-mail 24) Re-sort e-mails 25) Mark e-mails as important, urgent or high priority 26) Add more sender info to e-mail 27) Use the quickmenu command to access all options 28) Switch between the panes using the scrollwheel 29) Import/export to/from a CSV file 30) Import/export to/from a CSV file - Users: In the drop-down menu, select Import/Export to/from a CSV file. When the export dialog box opens, select the File or folder you want




Incredimail 2 Gold Patch

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